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Yes, I am a 'Sound of Music' fan, but, I grabbed this idea from a dear friend of mine, Meleia. (I hope that is OK Meleia.) You should go check out her blog, 'Life With Libby'... it is one that I really enjoy reading. So, her post 'Get Your Grill On' got me thinking about what would be on my list of things that I could endure for a VERY, VERY long time... or at the very least, a list of my FAVORITE things. So, my list is below... ENJOY!!

1. LONG weekends.
2. Vacations at the beach or just about anywhere.
3. A hug and/or a kiss from one of my 'babies', especially the unexpected hugs and kisses!
4. A really good movie at the BIG SCREEN.
5. Getting lost in a story inside the pages of a GREAT book.
6. Cuddling with my hubby just about anytime, anywhere.
7. A FANTASTIC highlight and haircut-- I have a fabulous hairdresser! :)
8. A clean house.
9. A wonderful photograph that I took.
10. Spending quality time with my family.
11. A GREAT playlist on my iPod.
12. A blissful Sunday afternoon nap.
13. Going to a really awesome SEC football game, preferably played by Georgia or Auburn.
14. Seeing a child smile out of pure, simple joy.
15. Hearing the laughter of a child.
16. Holding a sleeping baby.
17. Rocking my son to sleep just about every night when he was a baby.
18. Singing and cuddling with my daughter at bedtime.
19. A girls night out or a weekend away with the girls!
20. A romantic date out (or in) with my hubby! (I am a HUGE romantic- flowers, notes, chivalry, dancing- all the mushy stuff! I LOVE IT!!)
21. A weekend away with just me and my hubby - preferably in a cabin in the mountains!
22. A nice, long, hot bubble bath.
23. Seeing the 'nice guy get the girl', usually in the movies, but I love when it happens for REAL... like in the cases of Joe Rogers and Brad Farmer - 2 of the nicest guys I know. ;)
24. Singing a beautiful praise song and truly praising my King!
25. Swinging on a porch on a beautiful, crisp Fall afternoon.
26. Laughing so hard that my stomach aches.
27. A full body massage at a day spa.
28. A really good hug from a dear friend-- the kind of hug you can still 'feel' even as they walk away. :)
29. Witnessing someone discover the amazing, saving grace and forgiveness of my Savior.

So, what would be on your list of favorite things??

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I like all of your favorite things, too! I need to add them to my list of things I could endure forever. I tried to leave a comment a second ago, but it froze up? Anyway, not only am I a list person, but I love knowing what makes others happy.

Sat Sep 13, 08:48:00 PM 2008

Oh, this is a great idea. I might have to do one myself......althought, it would be a long list.

And, I must agree. Brad & Joe are truly nice guys. Who couldn't like them? They're definitely keepers!

Sun Sep 14, 09:10:00 AM 2008

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