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My apologies to my friends who heard this story last week at our Wednesday night 'Family Gathering' meeting at church...

Have you ever read the book titled The Important Book written by Margaret Wise Brown? It is a sweet little book, written by the author of Goodnight Moon that seems rather straightforward and simple upon first glance. But, I learned this week that it has a deeper, hidden meaning, so to speak. I spent some time reading to my children last week at school. I read in each of their respective class rooms. I loved it! I love spending time in the place where my children are 7 or 8+ hours a day. The teachers there are the BEST and I love getting to know them as well as the children that Anna Grace and Austin are around each day.

Well, I read The Important Book to Anna Grace's 2nd grade class one day. An example of the verbiage from the book is below:

"The important thing about snow is that it is cold,
It is white,
It falls from the sky,
It melts, but
The important thing about snow is that it is cold."

(I can't give you and exact quote because Amazon won't let me see the inside of the book anymore. They think I am trying to steal copyrighted material, but I digress!)

So, Anna Grace comes home a couple of days later and tells me that she is working on a book about herself in her class! She is so excited about this fact. She says to me, "Mom, I worked on my Important page today." Then, she says, "Mom, do you want to know what I wrote on my important page?" I said, "Yes, honey, I do!" She was so excited. Then, my daughter speaks the following words to me...

"The important thing about Anna Grace is that she loves God,
She likes to go to church,
She loves her family, and
She likes to read, but
The important thing about Anna Grace is that she loves God!"

She was beaming from ear to ear with a HUGE smile!! Just as I am right now, tears came to my eyes and I was speechless, which is a RARE occurence for me! My daughter wrote down and proclaimed, in her public school nonetheless, that the most important thing about her is that SHE LOVES GOD!! How that blessed me and encouraged me that day. It encouraged me to know that all Joe and I have been working to teach her and Austin is sinking into their minds and hearts. It was amazing to be encouraged in that manner on a day when I needed to know that all of this motherhood and parenting stuff is worth it!! (I am still wiping the tears from my eyes as I write this post....)

So, I started thinking, if my employer or my friends & family asked ME to write a page about what is the most important thing about me, what would I write on my page? What would I say is the most important thing about me on my 1 page that I would be given? A better question is this, 'What would my friends, family, and children say is the most important thing about me?' And the best question to ask is, 'What would my Savior, my God say is the most important thing about me?'

You see, it is one thing for ME to say what I think is my most important thing, but it is quite another for those who live with me and fellowship with me to say what they see as the most important thing about me.

I am still thinking about what would be on my 'Most Important page', so my 'answer' will be saved for a future post, but I ask you, what is YOUR most important thing? What would you write on your page...

What ARE you writing on the pages of your life during each precious day you are given? We need to remember this about our days on this earth, my friends...

  • They are numbered,
  • They are precious,
  • They are being watched by others, and
  • They ARE telling a story about each of our most important things....

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That is such a great story, Cyndi. I'm glad you shared it at church and I'm glad you shared it here.

You should be proud!

Tue Aug 19, 09:40:00 AM 2008

I love the story!!! It is so true that kids really do get what they are taught.

I am thinking what would be my important thing...I know what I would like to say it is...but it's not always that way.

I will have to think on it too.

Thanks for sharing the story. It blessed my heart.


Tue Aug 19, 11:57:00 AM 2008

awwww...I'm glad you shared on here because I didn't get to hear it on Wed. You have beautiful girl inside and out!!!! She must take after her FATHER (heavenly, that is...I mean not that Joe isn't beautiful...but you know what I'm saying...LOL).

Tue Aug 19, 08:30:00 PM 2008
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Tue Aug 19, 08:30:00 PM 2008

Great, great story. She is a pretty awesome little girl!!

Tue Aug 19, 08:56:00 PM 2008

That's such a neat book. I think Tammy Hildebrand actually introduced it to me the first year we taught together. She used to have the kids imitate the author's craft by doing a "The Important Thing..." page of their own, too. It's refreshing to know that AG sees the real important thing at her young age.

Tue Aug 19, 09:09:00 PM 2008

I too love the story. I'm gonna have to get that book. Thanks for sharing.

Wed Aug 20, 09:05:00 PM 2008

Absolutely awesome. You should be a proud mama of those two great kids!

Fri Aug 22, 08:12:00 AM 2008

You all have to know I am so very proud of my son Joe and his awsome wife Cyndi Lou also known as my daughter-in-law. She has been a wonderful addition to our family.
She had so many trying times and did not understand why she and Joe had so many complications when trying to have a family. God had his plan and brought to themj Anna Grace (a few more trials to overcome) and then since they were such wonderful parents sent Austin to them. Yes God is awsome and so are my Granbabies. Of course Princess Anna Grace said she is not a baby anymore...sounds like she has a big game plan, huh? I am so proud of this wonder family and all their friends you all are awsome and blessed by the glory of God.

Love to all,


P.S. Austin's game plan at the moment is to winn all games on his Wi and his intendio(sp?) Ha Ha

Fri Aug 22, 10:37:00 AM 2008

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