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I was troubled this weekend by a terrible memory of an event that took place just over 1 & 1/2 years ago. It was painful to recall and brought me to tears, unexplicably. My husband couldn't understand the reason for the tears. and, quite frankly, neither could I, but the memories came flooding back to me and broke my heart. The event was a blow to my self-esteem, my ego, and my pride. The memory came up from out of the blue without reason. I couldn't tell you WHY it came to my mind again, until today.... Read on....

I subscribe to the Ransomed Heart daily message and below is TODAY's daily message....

(All text within the quotes was copied directly from The Ransomed Heart daily message for 08/25/08.)

"Denial is a favorite method of coping for many Christians. But not with Jesus. He wants truth in the inmost being, and to get it there he’s got to take us into our inmost being. One way he’ll do this is by bringing up an old memory. You’ll be driving down the road and suddenly remember something from your childhood. Or maybe you’ll have a dream about a long-forgotten person, event, or place. However he brings it up, go with him there. He has something to say to you.

The lessons that have been laid down in pain can be accessed only in pain. Christ must open the wound, not just bandage it over. Sometimes he’ll take us there by having an event repeat itself years later, only with new characters in the current situation. We find ourselves overlooked for a job, just as we were overlooked by our parents. Or we experience fear again, just as we felt those lonely nights in our room upstairs. These are all invitations to go with him into the deep waters of the heart, uncover the lies buried down there, and bring in the truth that will set us free. Don’t just bury it quickly; ask God what he is wanting to speak to."

(Waking the Dead , 122)

WOW!! May Jesus speak to you powerfully this week, EVEN if He must take your heart back to a painful memory or event... Go there with Him and claim the freedom He has waiting for you!!

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I just love it how God gives us just what we need exactly when we need it! Still praying for your back.

Mon Aug 25, 09:16:00 AM 2008


Thank you for the prayers for my back. I still need it! It is some better today... I can move much better, but it still catches. Thank you for praying!!

Love you,


Mon Aug 25, 09:20:00 AM 2008

Cyndi, God has done that with me before. Actually, it was right before I went through Tres Dias as a candidate. He had to make my heart soft so I would be open to forgive my hurts. I couldn't understand why it was happening at the time, but later it all made perfect sense. I really agree with that excerpt you posted. I think we run from pain, but we grow most through pain. I agree with Tammy. God SO KNOWS exactly what we need when we need it.
love you,

Mon Aug 25, 10:51:00 AM 2008

God truly is AWESOME! And His timing is always perfect. I too am praying for your back. Love you girl!

Tue Aug 26, 03:41:00 PM 2008

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