When the Lights go out, JUST BE...  

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OK. So, I am trying to get out of this weary state, and I am getting awfully sad coming back to our family blog to read that I am empty & weary.... and hearing the song that Meleia says is depressing! (She may have something there, but I still really like the song.) So, I am going to tell you about something that happened on Wednesday night that really started me thinking...

It was 8:30 PM and a torrential downpour started to fall outside. I was home alone working on composing myself after a long, frustrating day and I was packing for my children to go out of town for over a week-- yes you heard that right, we get over a week to ourselves!! How wonderful is that!?? We need it!!! Thank you Lord for grandparents who will keep your children!!!

Anyway, my family was heading home from a swim party, of all places, and the bottom fell out! Well, when they got home safely, the power started flickering several times and we were preparing for the lights to go out, so Joe and I were lighting candles, and getting flashlights and such, all the while reassuring our children, who hate storms of any kind, that all would be well. Then, my son asks me, 'Mom, can we play the Wii when the lights go out?' I replied, 'No, son, if the lights are out, then the power is out and the Wii is connected to power.'

The poor child looked at me with a dumbfounded stare and asked, 'Mom, what will we do with no power and no lights? What doesn't need power? Hmmmmmm.... my Nintendo DS doesn't need power. I can play that!' I quickly told him that we can talk and laugh, play board games, play card games, tell stories, sing songs, or go to bed (now THERE'S a thought) since it was approaching 9:30 PM. There are A LOT of things you can do when the lights go out to bond as a family, that don't require power! I couldn't believe he was so awestruck at the lack of anything to do without power and lights.

You see, I was left pondering this.... why is it that our society, our children, the Enemy himself, thinks we should ALWAYS be...

  • GOING somewhere
  • DOING something
  • PLAYING something
  • WATCHING something
  • SURFING something on-line
  • TALKING to someone on the phone

We are so busy GOING, DOING, PLAYING, WATCHING, SURFING, or TALKING that we don't take time to just BE-- with our spouses, our children, our parents, our friends, our Heavenly Father!! If there is anything I have learned over the past few weeks of weariness, it is this- that I don't spend enough time just BEING. THAT'S HOW YOU GET TO EMPTY, my friends!!! I need to just BE with my Father. I need to just BE with my children and husband. I need to just BE with my friends. I need to just BE who He created me to BE. Whew, that will SLAP you in the face, huh? We have gotten so caught up in GOING and DOING so that we can keep up with everyone else, that we forgot how to just rest and BE! And I am guilty here just as much or more so than anyone else!!! Trust me on this one!!

In Spain, TODAY in the year 2008, they rarely use lights in a family home. They only use them in emergencies. I learned this fact this week! Interesting!! So, they must have figured out that there are things you can do as a family with no lights after dark.

So, I ask you this, what can you do this week to just BE? What would your family do with no power for 1 day and 1 night? What would you do to pass the time and bond? I am hoping to hear from you my friends....

I love you all dearly and I so treasure your prayers for me this week!! You are blessings in our lives and we couldn't live without you!!



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When I was growing up, we lived out in the BOONIES, and had NO TV reception. Some of my favorite family times was when we would all lie on the floor in the evenings after a hard days work, and my mom and dad would read out loud to us. Where the Red Fern Grows was one of the books I remember. One chapter a night was the target goal, but sometimes it just got sooooo good we'd beg for more!

That's what I'd choose for a family night with no power ~ a wonderful book with a captivating audience!

As far as your other question about going, doing, playing, watching, surfing, talking.... I might have to answer that one with a blog post of my own... I was getting bogged down with my answer and feeling like I was on a soap box.... thought perhaps I should take my soap box over to my own blog before I got booted!!! :)

Great thoughts. Great post.
Love ya!

Fri Jun 13, 11:47:00 AM 2008

There are lots of fun things to do when the lights go out.....

But seriously....sometimes when our power has gone out I have sat and read by candlelight...or even flashlight. Or I have just laid around and been lazy and enjoyed the quiet that comes with being still.

We do all need to take time to just BE. We do feel like we always have to be doing something...even in those few moments when we could just sit and do nothing...or pray...or be with our Father...or our family.

Thanks for the reminder Cyndi.

Keep climbing out of that place you are in. God is the ultimate...."POWER"....


Fri Jun 13, 12:07:00 PM 2008

Man, you guys are deep thinkers!!! I can promise you that my husband would send the kids to bed and "just be" with me...now I might "just be" with him if he was nice to me that day...just kidding. I'm not quite that shallow.
Ken and I have often talked about kicking out the tv and the internet for a while, but we aren't courageous enough. Okay, I'm not courageous enough. Sometimes, when I need to "just be by myself"-it's nice to know that I can turn on "Cars" and Jayden will not move from the TV. Hannah Montana works pretty good for the girls. Will spends a lot of pre-teen "just being" time in his room already. He doesn't have tv, internet, video games or a phone in his room, but he prefers the solitude. I think the younger kids drive him crazy.

We also are a big "game" family. We play poker, Wii(I know power)or other stuff together. I think if we were without power, we probably would play poker. It's our favorite. My kids are gonna hit it big in Vegas one day.

love ya,

Fri Jun 13, 06:56:00 PM 2008

I'm with Chelle on this one - my favorite thing is to curl up as a family and read a good book to a captivated audience. Once, we actually did without power (in the evenings only) for a week and it was fun. Yes the first night was difficult - lots of "What are we going to do....???" comments, but then the children - and Kurt and I - just enjoyed "Being." We ate dinner by candlelight, talked, laughed, played games, read together...it is a time I remember fondly.
I love you Cyndi.

Fri Jun 13, 09:56:00 PM 2008

Pardon the choppiness of this reply: This thought provoking post reminds me of Beth Moore's statement about being "Captive to being too Active". I find that we are that way in our family. It's not just go, do, get, but----where can we go, what can we do, where can we get...I get bummed by that, but I just can't bring myself to roughing it. I suppose the way I grew up was roughing it and now I overindulge myself. Rather shameful--but, somewhat true. "Without the power" has happend a few times this week and I was definitely reminded of how much we not really "need" power, but want it to numb ourselves to much of our surroundings. It's that mindless entertainment that I find rather time consuming. I do have to admire the roladex of ideas Austin had begun when arriving at something that used batteries instead. During "Turn Off The TV" week in May (which no one has heard of because we rely on TV to tell us of things....and TV's not going to plug that one), my students usually could make it a day longer than me in the challenge. Oh....I wonder how big the families are in Spain!

Sat Jun 14, 06:09:00 PM 2008

I thought I had commented, then checked and saw I wasn't there. Then remembered why........I can't think of anything. The last time the power went off that I actually remember, it was very near bedtime. Now, the kids WOULD NOT sleep in their rooms when it was pitch black, so they very happily made a pallet in the floor of our room.

Maybe now that we've discovered the telescope again, we might try to take it outside since no street lights could interfere.......I don't know.

During the blizzard of 93, I remember playing a lot of games, but so far, I can't come up with anything. Lets hope it doesn't happen tonight, or I'll be sunk.

I would also be willing to place bets that whatever SaraKate is doing will involve singing.....

Thu Jun 19, 08:19:00 PM 2008

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