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This is belated, I know, but life has been crazy busy over the last month & a half. So, I am finally posting a 'happy birthday post' for our daughter and sister, Anna Grace. We are amazed that she is here! She was 7 years old last month, May 22nd to be exact. She was due to be here on July 9th, but she (& God I am sure) decided they couldn't wait any longer for us to meet her, so May 22nd was the day God brought her to us, just in time for Grandma Sissy's birthday on May 25th. It is quite ironic, or just God's amazing grace, that she came 'early' after a long, long wait for her arrival....

8 years ago, we were on the verge of giving up our hope of starting a family,
Today our little girl is now 7 years old...

8 years ago, we cried out for a successful pregnancy, let alone a healthy child,
Today, that 'successful pregnancy' is a healthy, vibrant, loving 7 year old girl...

8 years ago, we were on the verge of letting our faith go and giving up on God,
Today, our God is showing us how MUCH He can do with a little faith & 7 years...

8 years ago, we couldn't see past the pain & the loss and we couldn't see His plan,
Today, we see that our God knew the plans all along and our daughter is 7 years old...

8 years ago, we asked God to give us what we thought we deserved, the blessing of children,
Today, we see that He gave us what we surely DIDN'T deserve and so much more...

8 years ago, we only dreamed of being a mommy & daddy & the vision was growing more faint every day,
Today, We are so thankful that we are able to be called 'mommy' & 'daddy' every day, for 7 years now & counting...

8 years ago, we almost gave up on God, and on our faith, and on each other,
Today, we see that God NEVER gave up on us, our lives, our hearts, and our family!

Today, Anna Grace is 7 years old and she is proof that God loves us WAY more than we DESERVE, or could even dare to ask for or imagine. He truly showed us AMAZING GRACE!! If you are at a point where you feel you are about to 'give up' on God or your faith, just HOLD ON for a little while longer, you will be amazed with what He can do with a little faith & 7 years!!

'Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound...' It is a song that is special to many of us, but it carries an extra special meaning in our family. We were given amazing grace in even having 2 healthy children and this song has become a song that Anna Grace asks for almost every night at bedtime without fail. She asks for this song to be sung to her as she drifts off to sleep. So, we continue to sing of His Amazing Grace almost daily!

Happy 7th Birthday Anna Grace! We are so blessed by your smile, laughter, joy, enthusiasm, and love for Jesus and others! You have been more than we could have ever hoped for or imagined and we love you dearly! Happy Birthday Gracie!! May He continue to bless you all the days of your life!

Take a moment to watch the slide show below of the 1st couple of years of her life. And remember to thank God for your precious family today! We are truly blessed, ALL of us, to have family around us-- whether you are our family by blood or by choosing, you are all our family and we love you so very much and thank you for living this journey we call 'life' with us.

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What a beautiful slide show.....but what is more beautiful is the testimony. Thank you for taking the time to share that part. It will, no doubt, encourage people to hold on and wait for God's faithfulness.

I think it is our calling to tell of His faithfulness every opportunity we have......and y'all have yourselves one AMAZING opportunity!

We're so thankful to God for you, and for your blessing of children.

We love you guys!

Wed Jun 25, 12:31:00 PM 2008

Beautiful! I agree with Shana what an awesome testimony on God's faithfulness.

Wed Jun 25, 09:47:00 PM 2008

What joy I feel watching those pictures. It is Amazing Grace isnt' it!! We love you and Anna Grace bunches. Sending you big((((hugs))))

Thu Jun 26, 11:01:00 AM 2008

Happy BDay Anna Grace!!! You are such a beautiful creation and God delights tremendously in you!!!


Thu Jun 26, 12:01:00 PM 2008

Thanks so much for your post to our blog. It is a small world isn't it. Mrs. Joyce from New Hope is my mom!!! She is the best!!! Keyla is my first cousin, more like my sister. Her mom and my dad are brothers and sisters. (Quick family tree there!!) She is awesome as well. The little blonde girl and the tiny baby in the picture are hers. You have such beautiful children and your blog is very inspirational. I see your children had amazing teachers this year at NHE. Meleia and I actually met while we both taught there!! My first three years of teaching were there!!! It is an awesome place! I just love Mrs. Warren, and Mrs. Collins and I go to church together. Thanks for taking peek at our blog. It was so nice to meet you in "blog" land!!!!

Mandy Coley

Thu Jun 26, 10:15:00 PM 2008

Cyndi, I've been busy this week...hmmm...wonder what I was doing? LOL. Anyway, you are so blessed with your AMAZING GRACE or AMAZING ANNA GRACE. That is a great video and I definitely know who to call when I need help with one. I actually may need help later. Top Secret, but I'll fill you in when I we have a chance to talk later.

Fri Jun 27, 09:22:00 AM 2008

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