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Posted by Cyndi Lou

OK. So, I am finally getting around to actually posting information on our family blog! It helps to actually TELL people about your blog if you actually WANT people to read it and see what is happening with your family, right?

I must say that all of my 'non-technical' friends have truly IMPRESSED me with their blogs!! Let's see, we have Jennifer J, Tammy Hil, Shana, Angela G., Meleia B., Chelle R., Angie & Tim F., and the list goes on.... So, here I am posting to our "official" family blog FINALLY. I have TRULY enjoyed reading the family blogs that my friends started!! It is awesome to be able to 'connect' with each other so easily.

I also love to read about day to day life in each of your homes. I think that is where 'the good stuff' happens, as I call it. Some of our funniest, saddest, most heart-warming stories come from 1 of 3 places:

1. Within the 4 walls of our own home
2. Within the 4 walls of a dear friend's home
3. Within the 4 walls of our church home, our sanctuary, our fellowship home with other believers!!

So, I LOVE to read everyone's blogs to see what is happening within YOUR 4 walls!! Those are where the most important people in your life live... within YOUR 4 walls!

So, here is to starting our journey in 'blogging land'!! I hope we can encourage one another, laugh at each other, and learn a few things along the way!! I guess now, I should actually send all of you an email so that you actually KNOW that we have a blog out here. I have not been willing to 'expose' it to the world yet. Some of your blogs are SO AWESOME that I am humbled to even try to 'compete' with them. But, it is not about competing, right?! Here's to a Happy Monday for each of you!!

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Wow...I didn't realize you had joined us in bloggyville. Here's hoping you enjoy your stay.

Look forward to keeping up with the Rogers this way!! What fun!

Love ya

PS - I think you actually started this disease I have almost 2 years ago......Many thanks again & again!

Mon Mar 17, 04:42:00 PM 2008

I'm adding you to my favorites!

Love ya,
Angie McGhee

Mon Mar 17, 07:35:00 PM 2008

How cool is your blog?!! I love the way that you "see" the things within the 4 walls. That's a cool point of view. I have thought a million times over, "Cyndi Rogers must have a great blog somewhere. She's way too techy not to have one. I must just not know about it. I bet she does..." Isn't that funny? I love the ministry that you've extended to people through their blog creations with updates for people in crisis. It's nice that you get to have a blog of your own to keep us posted. It's the day to day things that we all enjoy....the 4 walls-INSIDE them. I'll have to remember that when I think, "Shoot, why post? Ain't a 'thang goin' on...." Inside the 4 walls, Meleia....that's what I'll remember from now on.

Mon Mar 17, 08:04:00 PM 2008

I'm glad you are blogging too! I'll get Erik to add you to our page! (He's the one that created ours :))

Mon Mar 17, 08:56:00 PM 2008

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