"Living In The Middle" with STREP!!?  

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Well, I meant to 'publish' this post on Wednesday for my "Living In The Middle" Wednesdays, but I found out on Wednesday morning that I have STREP!! So, I have been 'living in the middle' of my bed for 2 1/2 days now. I must tell you that this is not by choice. I have not been in the bed because I am lazy and just LOVE to lie around, but because my body aches tremendously- still does! This being sick sure is inconvenient! I couldn't do much of anything Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night. The first night I have done much of anything is tonight and that flat wore me out!! I am amazed that I am here typing a post!! But, tonight, Anna Grace and Austin had PTO at New Hope and it was a BIG night for both of them! (I will have more on that in a later post this weekend!)

Anyway, this whole being sick thing, well, it started me thinking, is God REALLY in the middle of my being sick? And, what did Jesus do when HE got strep or really sick, so much so that He couldn't move?!? I feel that God WAS in the middle of this STREP with me...

Let's see, I had plenty of time to pray (pray for HEALING AND QUICK) and to think and to read. I am reading some GREAT books by author Randy Alcorn (more on those books in later posts as well). I had time to think about all of the things I am thankful for-- my Savior, my family, my friends, my husband, my children, my church, my home, my job.... water, Popsicles, Sprite, soup, antibiotics, Decadron shots at the Dr's office, and modern medicine!!!!

I had time to think of why I was sick and forced to 'be still' (not because I am good at being still (I am with Meleia here), but because I had no choice- every muscle ached, every bone creaked)- what is God trying to tell me this week? I am still learning about that and pondering that. I had time to think about Him being RIGHT HERE in the MIDDLE with me!

It is truly amazing that HE loves me even when I am sick and look like 'death warmed over', which I promise you my friends, I DID!! But, my Lord loves me even like that! Not even my sweet, loving husband wanted to be near me yesterday when I was SURE I was dying! I looked pretty rough!! I have learned that only a parent can love a child when they look that bad!! Boy, we should ALL thank our PARENTS for taking great care of us when we have been really sick over the years! THANKS MOM and DAD for taking care of me when I have looked that bad, as bad as I looked yesterday in fact!!! :)

I was hoping for something really profound for this week's 'Living In The Middle' Wednesday, but I feel that maybe I am short of the mark. Short of the mark though I may be, I learned something valuable this 'Strep' Wednesday. I learned that He loves me even when I am sick and hurting and aching and just plain feeling yucky! My Savior is right there jumping up and down right there 'in the middle' saying 'OK!! Now that I have you still, this is what I want you to learn!!' Maybe next time, I will slow down enough to listen to what He is trying to tell me BEFORE I must get sick with aches in places that I didn't even know existed and a sore throat that should be illegal for it to hurt this bad!! Oh, the lengths our Father will go to in order to get us 'STILL' in the middle of our crazy, hectic lives!!

Oh, and by the way, I am still not sure what Jesus did when he got this sick. I am betting He kept right on going. I am rather sure that He kept on healing people and loving them and working miracles! It IS a miracle that I got a shower today, much less took care of getting my children dressed and ready for PTO tonight!! But, our God still IS in the 'miracle business' now isn't HE?!!

Here's to another week of 'Living in the Middle' with the GREAT 'I AM'!! I pray that you find HIM right in the MIDDLE of your life this week!! Look for Him and I am sure you will find Him!!

I will leave you with a picture of Anna Grace and Austin after PTO tonight, while she was still in her ladybug costume (more on that in a later post, of course). Obviously, I am NOT in the picture. I was behind the camera looking for my bedroom ASAP....

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Wow, I just posted my blog and was reading the others. God IS speaking to a lot of us about the very same things. My post was titled "be still".
love you,

Fri Mar 28, 08:11:00 AM 2008

Hey hope you get better soon! I had strep for what seemed like forever a few years ago but as soon as I went to the Doc it got better, who knew? haha. Can you imagine what kind of self control Jesus had to have to keep from healing himself of every scratch and cough?


Fri Mar 28, 08:29:00 AM 2008

Boy, If I ever get strep I hope I can be as profound as you. Thanks for sharing, hope you feel better soon. Tamara

Fri Mar 28, 09:43:00 AM 2008

Boy, If I ever get strep I hope I can be as profound as you. Thanks for sharing, hope you feel better soon. Tamara

Fri Mar 28, 09:44:00 AM 2008

Sorry, to comment twice. I'm still learning. T

Fri Mar 28, 09:47:00 AM 2008

Are you kidding me? If that wasn't profound what is?? I think you have gone even deeper than you may realize. You are finding joy in the midst of trials, which is not an easy thing to do if you are not in tune with your savior! For that I am glad you got strep throat. Ha Ha. But really, it is awesome that He can take something that seems completely unbearable and use it for His glory! What an awesome God we serve!

Fri Mar 28, 10:00:00 AM 2008

I'm sorry I am just now getting around to reading your post. I am so caught up in my world sometimes I forget to check on others, but I am learning that friends are a vital part in my world today!!! I hurt because you hurt. I know how awful it is. I hope you get to feeling better soon and keep on with those profound words. We all need to hear them! The kids are adorable once again. Love ya, Angela

Sat Mar 29, 08:57:00 AM 2008

I'm hoping your strep is a thing of the past and that you are all caught up with everything from being down for a couple of days! Fabulous PTO costumes. I love the performing arts side of New Hope. I am so glad you guys are having a great school experience.

Tue Apr 01, 05:16:00 PM 2008

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