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Well, I promised a post about New Hope's PTO the before the end of the weekend, so here is a quick 'brag' update, about Anna Grace and Austin. Better late than never, right?!? It was New Hope's PTO Write Night. The children were able to show off all of the neat stories they have been writing lately at school. Austin's writing has come so far! He is doing great and it was fun to let him show us around his classroom and show off his work. It was out in the hallway, too. He was very proud to 'show-off' to mom and dad!

Anna Grace had issues earlier in the year with writing. She would write JUST the minimum to give Mrs. Collins what she asked for. If she asked for 3 sentences, well that's what she got, not a sentence more. Well, Mrs. Collins would encourage her to elaborate and write more in her journal. (For those of you who know her, you KNOW she has the words to speak, she just needs to write them down.) Well, her stories now are VERY descriptive and colorful and elaborate- I don't know WHERE she gets it! :) We were amazed at how far her writing had come. I will have to post some examples when we get her work home.

Also, she had her performance in a mini-musical titled "Bugz"! It was a performance by the NHE 1st graders. She was a ladybug. They were so cute and they did such a great job! Mr Jeff Roueche is the music teacher at New Hope and he is WONDERFUL with the kids! They love him dearly. The kids had a great night and I have included some pictures from the evening below.

Haley & Anna Grace before the show.

They look so cute!!

The room full of 'little performers' waiting for their moment on stage.

Anna Grace is just showing off her costume for the evening.

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Thats some-buggy you've got there!!

Too cute, it's fun to see your kids in action..especially in an academic setting.

Looks like fun,

Wed Apr 02, 08:48:00 AM 2008

I love to hear a mommy brag. You do have two fabulous children. Love, Tamara

Wed Apr 02, 09:05:00 AM 2008

Anna Grace is one adorable lady bug! We are proud of you Anna Grace and Austin for your hard work at school!!

Wed Apr 02, 09:36:00 AM 2008

What great pictures! You have such great kids! I bet they get that writting bug from their mom...she is a great writer!!!


Wed Apr 02, 11:41:00 AM 2008

Cute! Congrats on the writing improvements!

Thu Apr 03, 10:20:00 AM 2008

Great costumes! Again, I'm so glad you guys are having a great school experience at NHE.

Thu Apr 03, 04:02:00 PM 2008

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