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Over the course of the past 8 weeks, Austin has had episodes of throwing up and not eating and feeling rough for a day or so at a time. These 'episodes' couldn't be explained by a stomach virus or food poisoning or anything like that. We couldn't figure out what was causing them, other than a 6 year old getting sick occasionally. But, he has thrown up more in the past 8 weeks than we have seen in 3 or 4 years.

So, we took him in last week to check into it. The pediatrician recommended an eye exam first because she noticed something that alarmed her with his eyes and tracking things in his field of vision. His full eye exam last Wednesday showed that his eyes were fine. He doesn't need a prescription nor did they see any problems. So, the next step, before checking the stomach area and GI-related issues was a CT scan. That was scheduled for yesterday at T.C. Thompson's. We FULLY expected it to come back normal and then move on to the next test with a GI specialist. Well, we were shocked to get the abnormal results back. The CT indicates that there is increased pressure on 3 ventricular areas in his brain, meaning that fluid is building up and sitting on these areas causing pressure. His brain/body is not draining the fluid as it should. This is what could be causing what has been happening with him over the past 8 weeks. This has to be investigated further with an MRI and then a consult with a neurosurgeon in Birmingham, AL.

Our pediatrician scheduled an MRI for us at T.C. Thompson's. Then, they called the specialist in Birmingham to set up that appointment as well. His MRI is scheduled for next Tuesday, April 14th at 6:30 AM. It will be an 'MRI w/ anesthesia' since he is so little. They didn't have an appointment open until July, but our Dr. called and urged them to fit him in on their 'emergency cases' day, which is Tuesday of each week.

Then, they set up our first consult with the pediatric neurosurgeon in Birmingham, Dr. W. Jerry Oakes, for the following Tuesday, April 21st at 10 AM. He will review the CT scan images, the MRI images, as well as see Austin and then he will tell us what our next step is. We don't know what that step is yet. One possibility the doctor mentioned yesterday was placing a shunt in his brain to drain off the fluid. Needless to say, we were alarmed yesterday to get this news, but we have ALREADY seen God move in this situation and we see God's hand ALL over the situation in so many ways. We also found out yesterday that he has strep AND bronchitis. Poor child!!!! Bless his heart!!

Rest assured that we know God is in control and that His hand is all over this and He loves Austin much more than we do! So, while we wait, which is VERY hard for us- the waiting and not knowing is SO difficult- we will trust God's hand in all of this. As several of you have said to me in the last 24 hours, God was not surprised yesterday! He knew this was going to happen and He has made a way already. We just can't see it yet, which is the hard part for us. Austin's spirits are great!! If you ask him, he will tell you this:

'They took pictures of my brain yesterday and they need to do something to fix it and I am going to be fine! I have had surgery before and they just put you to sleep and it doesn't hurt when you wake up.'

He was singing the praise song 'Blessed Be Your Name' by Chris Tomlin yesterday when we got in the van RIGHT AFTER the doctor's appointment. That is SO GOD!! He was singing, 'You give & take away... so my heart will CHOOSE to say, Lord blessed be your name!' So, his spirits are great! To look at him, you wouldn't think there is a thing wrong with him!! Praise the Lord for that! We will be at the Easter morning service with bells on and Austin will be singing a solo with his sister. So, we will rejoice in spite of our uncertainty. We will continue to claim Psalm 91, which talks about 'abiding in the presence of God'.

Thank you for your time in reading this update and our family would covet your prayers right now for Austin's health and for our peace.

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