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Well, I couldn't let an entire month go by without posting.... I have had this nagging feeling that I REALLY need to post over the past week and I figured that tonight is the night... And, I have several ideas on things I want to write about, so look forward to several posts over the next few days... IF I have any readers left!! (I love all 4 of you!! :) )

We have had some exciting things happening in the Rogers home over the past month. One of those exciting things is Austin losing his first 2 teeth. He has desperately wanted to lose his first tooth for over 6 months now. His two front bottom teeth have been lose for over a month, but he wouldn't let me pull either one. (Daddy's not one for pulling teeth, so that is a 'mommy' job that I take very seriously in our home.) So, I tried one morning before school and he cried out, 'Ouch mommy! Don't do that!' (I had barely even TOUCHED him!) So, being the kind mommy that I like to think I am, I stopped 'torturing' my son and left him alone. Let me reiterate for those of you still reading... it was SO LOOSE it almost FELL out!! Almost FELL OUT, I tell ya!!

THEN, since it was a school day, he heads out the door to school with a full mouth of teeth... and he comes home that afternoon with 1 LESS TOOTH!!! (GASP!!!!!) I couldn't believe it. I asked him how his tooth came out, figuring it MUST have fallen out during lunch or something since he wouldn't dare let ANYONE PULL OUT that first tooth!!

Oh NOOOOOOOOO........ Mrs. B. pulled out his first tooth. What? Did I hear that correctly? His 1st grade teacher pulled out his first tooth? Yes, I heard it correctly! Then he tells me, and I quote, 'Mommy she KNOWS how to pull out teeth better than you do. It didn't hurt. She pulled straight up!' Are you kidding me? The tooth was practically ready to jump out of his mouth!

Well, I survived that 'stab to the heart' and tuned back into he and his sister's conversation when I heard, 'I think I will ask the tooth fairy for $10! And I think I will get it.' Boy, the child MUST have his dad's modesty and humility. :) (Just kidding Joe.) I had to laugh at that one. Well, he did only get $5 from the tooth fairy and then he lost his 2nd tooth 1 week later, and that one was pulled by none other than, the ever popular MOMMY! YES, my dignity and pride were restored! I was able successfully pull out the tooth of a 6 year old without causing irreparable damage. :0)

(I DO want to thank you Mrs. B. for taking care of things for me on the first one.) Really, Mrs. B. is an AWESOME teacher and we are so blessed to have her this year. Austin thinks she hung the moon. And, I think he believes that Mrs. W. (his Kindergarten teacher) taught her HOW to hang that moon. He loves those 2 ladies.

Anyway, he was so proud that he finally lost those 2 teeth!! I was so happy for him as well. It made my heart smile to see him proud. I have included pictures below of my son's first 2 lost teeth. Enjoy!!

Look mom, no tooth on the bottom!!

Still showing off the missing tooth...


See, I am leaving it RIGHT where she can find it and leave my $10. :)

I am SO EXCITED to see what the tooth fairy will bring...

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I know exactly what you're saying. I had the camcorder all ready to go, and GDaddy had pliers and floss and other various and sundy tools. But, oh no, he lost it AT SCHOOL, AT LUNCH.

He just lost his second one Saturday, my aunt pulled it on a brief visit with the cookie club.

Congrats Austin!

Mon Dec 08, 11:38:00 PM 2008

Yea, Austin!!!! There's a fortune to be made in that mouth...just ask any dentist.

oh and Cyndi, Bryn is getting baptized on Sunday. Are you gonna be there? I would love it if you could take some pictures for me. If its too much trouble, I understand, I'll get someone else to do it. I just know that you are a great photographer.


hugs to all the family,

Tue Dec 09, 12:08:00 PM 2008

Sounds like Maddie. She's lost 5 teeth now and every one has been an ordeal. The last one, I pulled. It was so loose, it was just hanging on by a thread. She didn't even realize I had pulled it at first...then she saw blood...then came the tears. Maybe by tooth number twenty something, it won't be a big deal. :)

Wed Dec 10, 01:00:00 PM 2008

Oh, my! Is this what we have to look forward to? I'm scared. :)

Tue Dec 16, 09:15:00 PM 2008

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