Quote of the Day- "My brain hurts from all this THINKIN'!"  

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So, the 4 of us were having some great family time last night before bed. We were reading some books and then each talking about our day and playing our 'worst/best' game... (we talk about the worst part of our day and the best part of our day. It is OK to not have a worst part of your day.) It is great... you should try it at home one evening if you haven't ever done this!

Anyway, my son proceeds to tell me about the worst part of his day and he says he has had a bad day and it just wasn't a good day at school and he seems rather intense about it. So, I ask him a few more questions, to dig a little deeper you know, and to see what happened at school and finally we get to the root of the problem:

"Well, mom, my brain just hurts from all this thinkin' that I've been doing for almost 1 and a half years now in school!'

Did you read that?? HIS brain hurts??!! We couldn't laugh out loud just yet (didn't want to squash the child in him that still tells his mom & dad everything), but I was thinking, 'Come on! Are you kidding me!?? YOUR brain is tired??!! Think about how mom and dad feel!' So, I kept those thoughts to myself, like any good mom should, and I said simply, 'Son, you have a GREAT young brain and you are good in school. Are you telling me that your brain hurts from thinking so hard in school every day?' He says, 'Yes, mom, that about sums it up! My brain hurts from all this thinkin'!'

At this point, I did laugh, we all 4 did, as I hugged my youngest child, and told him that he needed to get used to this "thinkin'" thing, because he is good at it and he will be doing it for a VERY, VERY, VERY long time, like his dad and I have been doing! At this point, my oldest child chimed in and added, "Yeah, look at mommy. She has had to think for 29 whole years now!"

THIS is the moment when I realized I am SO proud of my babies! My son is one analytical thinker and my daughter is a GENIUS at math!! ;) Friends, haven't I TOLD you what a wonderful school my children attend!!?? They have fabulous teachers at that place!

Here's to all of this "thinkin'" all of us moms (& dads) have to do on a regular basis! And, here is my prayer...

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for filling our lives SO FULL of BLESSINGS that we get to THINK about a lot of STUFF each and every day!! But, God, can you help us out when our brains hurt from all of the thinkin' we do, especially those of us who are moms? Give us the courage we need to lean on YOU to do some THINKIN' for us when we are out of brain power, so to speak!! THANK YOU for giving us your Holy Spirit to do some of the thinkin' FOR US! Save us from ourselves when we aren't thinkin' straight!!! And finally, Lord, continue to bless the minds, hearts, and spirits of our little ones as they begin to think for themselves and learn and grow in your word! AMEN!

I pray heaping blessings on your heads today my dear friends!! And I pray you find rest from "all of this thinkin'" for your tired brains!

(I have included a few pics below of our cat, Sam. In a couple of these pictures, he looks like I feel after a lot of thinkin'!! I also included a picture of the kids with my niece and nephew- my brother's 2 children.)

He looks like I feel after a LONG, LONG, LONG week of thinkin'!

This is how I look during 'deer in the headlights, not sure what I am supposed to do' thinkin'!

This is a picture of our children and their cousins, who are just beginning to learn about all of this thinkin' stuff!

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Girl, your "IT!" Read my blog for details....you might want to wait at least a day since you put this one up...I don't want to drown out your kids.

By the way, you look GREAT for your age! I don't know how you do it...wink!


Tue Sep 30, 02:11:00 PM 2008

I tagged you too! Check my blog for details.

I think you look great for 29.


Wed Oct 01, 12:19:00 AM 2008

Your kids and cat are adorable.

Since our good buddy Shana tagged me for a meme, I am sharing the love with you. Check out my blog for details!

Thu Oct 02, 11:43:00 PM 2008

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