Living In The Middle: "Blessed and Highly Favored"  

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Wow! How time flies! I am amazed how quickly this week is zooming by, not to mention life in general. This week was a big week for me at the office. I have been working on a large project that finally went into production last Friday and I have been busy (and exhausted) to say the least. So, I have been focused on that goal this week and staying positive.

Well, I was knocked down on Monday with an overwhelming response from a lady when I simply waved hello and asked her how she is doing today. I was working in the Shaw facility in Calhoun all week and I have been out on the production floor with the employees training them and working with the Shop Floor system we just installed. So, it is around 3:00 PM, Monday and I have been there since 6:45 AM, and I am really just in the 'middle' of my day that will end around 11:30 PM, and I am a 'little tired'. I ask this nice lady how she is doing today, as a friendly comment, and she responds to me with 'I am blessed and highly favored! How are you?' with a HUGE smile on her face! Well, that blew me away! I was so impressed with her positive attitude! She looked so joyful and at peace. I told her that her response blessed me and then we went on our way. It was a 30 second exchange.

Well, as I head out into the plant to conduct some training for the 2nd shift employees, I see that Gloria is one the operators I will be training. I was so thrilled! I told her again how much she blessed me and she said this to me, 'God is good. Do you know Him? Do you have Him, too?' Well, she was so bold and I said, 'Yes ma'am, I do!' She grinned and gave me a big hug.

But, she then shared with me that she loved the Lord and He has been so good to her and that she truly is blessed and highly favored in His Kingdom. Then, she told me that her husband died less than 1 year ago. Her father died 1 month ago and her sister died 2 weeks ago. But, then she added that God is still good and she is still so blessed! All the time, she is smiling and telling me how GOOD her God is!!

I had no words for this amazing woman! I had tears in my eyes! How many days do I feel sorry for myself because I am not having a 'great day' or I am stressed out from all of the demands of family, work, home, church, school, just LIFE in general! I am stuck 'IN THE MIDDLE OF LIFE' and I sometimes just wish I could take a break and things could be a bit 'easier'. But, as Gloria reminded me, amidst some dark circumstances in her life over the course of the past year, that no matter what, she was blessed and highly favored and that she serves an AWESOME God! WOW! I serve that God, too and I, too am 'blessed and highly favored'!!! Are you??

Make this a GLORIOUS day and walk on, press on knowing that you, too, are BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED! Try answering someone like that today and see how they respond!

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Wow, that's awesome. We are blessed and highly favored but sometimes we choose to live in disbelief of that fact. I'm gonna try to remember that when people ask me how I am doing.
love you,

Thu Apr 24, 08:54:00 AM 2008

Wow. Great, great post! It IS easy to get distracted as to WHO and WHO'S we really are!!! What a neat lady!

Thu Apr 24, 10:13:00 AM 2008

I think this is kinda like someone suggesting you should always
GO TO NEXT!!!!!!!
If you stay at NEXT, you won't have time to worry.
Hopefully, someone (me) has been telling you this since you were 5.
You are blessed and highly favored.
The children might be more blessed and highly favored, but actually I am prejudiced about my grandchildren anyway. You did not already know that did you.

Thu Apr 24, 02:01:00 PM 2008

I am blessed and highly favored too!!!

Thanks God!!! Thanks for reminding us to be thankful.


Sun Apr 27, 07:37:00 PM 2008

Oooo, me too! Thanks so much for planning this weekend Cyndi! I really had an awesome time. And, it was such a great time of sisterhood!!!

Mon Apr 28, 09:06:00 AM 2008

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