The Tooth Fairy is coming to town...  

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It has been since December, I think, since Austin has lost a tooth! WOW!! Those teeth are hanging on in his little head for dear life! I think 3 have been loose since that time. :) But, today, one finally met it's match. He lost his 3rd tooth today- on June 5th! And, he was SO PROUD!! After being a bit scared to pull it out, he actually pulled it out himself!! Way to GO!!

And, since we have this nifty new little gizmo called the 'Ultra Series Flip Video', I was able to capture it on video! What a day!! It was awesome to just pick up this little gadget and record away within seconds. I will have to blog about that little genius of technology over the weekend... we purchased it for the upcoming stay at the hospital and recovery time. Anyway, way to go Austin! And, in our home, that means that the Tooth Fairy is coming to town! Yep, I did it, I used the 'Santa Clause' song to sing about the Tooth Fairy! And, I sang it in my head while I typed. Well, since I have multiple jobs around here, one being that I stand in for the Tooth Fairy, I better get busy finding some cash! Enjoy the video....

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