A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words  

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Austin is having a blast in the Tribe of Issachar! Macy & Anna Grace in the Tribe of AsherAndrew was the 'little guy' in the Issachar Tribe, what a cutie!! Ella is praising the Risen Jesus of Jerusalem! (My personal favorite)
Those cute Renegar boys- Ian (Tribe of Joseph), Andrew, & Isaac (Tribe of Gad)
Mary Kate & Abigail- two sweethearts!! Ella & Maddie just after visiting 'Mrs. Elisabeth's' Candy Shop... no wonder they look so happy!!Ella, Maddie & "Mrs. Elisabeth" (a.k.a. Mrs. Cyndi) The Candy shopkeeper
Austin & 'little guy' Andrew...
Mr. Jon & the Tribe of Issachar (their CRAZY picture)!! They loved posing for this one.
Little Catherine from the Tribe of Gad working in the Sand Art shop...
Mrs. Lacey (Tribe Leader), Malley, & Maddie in the Tribe of Naphtali Ms. Lisa smiling with joy & singing with her 'girl power' Tribe of Asher...

Mason & Bryce in the Tribe of Levi
Maddie & Malley in the Tribe of Naphtali
The 'girl power' tribe of Asher (Ms. Lisa, Emma, Kerrigan, Hannah, Anna Grace, & Macy)
Mr. Ken , Mr. Sandy, and the Tribe of ZebulunMrs. Elaine, Mrs. Karen, & The Tribe of Judah
Mr. Jon & the handsome tribe of Issachar
Kace after his visit to Mrs. Elisabeth's Candy Shop...
Ella especially loved her visit to the Candy Shop!!
Mrs. Elisabeth & Mr. Eleazar (a.k.a. Wade)- who was a GREAT assistant Candy Shopkeeper.
Mr. Jon & Austin (2 handsome guys)
Our sweet Mrs. Jo & Mrs. Jennifer (who did an AWESOME job!!)
Mrs. Tamara & Mrs. Shana- The very lovely Jewelry Shopkeepers...
Mr. Whit was a great tribe leader for the Tribe of Naphtali!
The Tribe of Asher... 'girl power' to the MAX!!!
Sweet Catherine singing and dancing...
Kailey carrying sweet Sara Kate from the Tribe of Judah
Mrs. Jennifer & Mr. Joe
Mrs. Elisabeth & the boys from the tribe of Issachar
Henry, Colby, Austin, & Brant from IssacharRachel (a.k.a. Mrs. Beth)

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Fabulous pictures from an awesome VBS!!!!!

Wed Jul 02, 04:39:00 PM 2008

So, a thousand pictures is worth this one word: CUTE!

Thu Jul 03, 08:10:00 AM 2008


Yes, something like that! I couldn't decide which one was the best, so I put a BUNCH on there!! I actually cut them down. There are a BUNCH more, but I decided this was enough to drag the blog out a good deal! :)


Thu Jul 03, 08:49:00 AM 2008

Thanks for sharing all of your pictures with us. As I said on my VBS post, the kids had a blast!

Thu Jul 03, 09:23:00 AM 2008

Thanks for sharing your pics. They are fabulous. It truly was a wonderful VBS.

Tue Jul 08, 08:00:00 AM 2008

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